The class in Carlsbad was very good. Congratulation all the students.

Por royler

Nick and I.

Group training.

I between two champions.

End training everyone length.


Royler visited Reykjavik, Iceland at Iceland Jiu-Jitsu Academy with Johann.Thank you every one for come.

Por royler

The matt.

I among the children of Johann, 1st day.

Group training the technique 1st day.

The group training 1st day.

Johann and I.

Group picture 1st day.

Blue Lagoon,Iceland beautiful place.

I am in Iceland, Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland.

second day seminar.

Students training second day.

Student reviewing the position.

Students reviewing the positions.

Students reviewing positions at second day seminar.

Students training second day.



The grand opening Gracie Humaita La Mesa.With Regis and Mauricio. Congradulations for the amazing Academy.

Por royler

The symbol.

I, Regis and Mauricio.

Group picture.

Group picture.


Congratulation to Gracie Humaita Bali,the academy is amazing.Special thank’s to Paulo and Eduardo..

Por royler

Gracie Humaita Bali Competition Team.

Paulo,I and Eduardo.

Group picture.

I and Paulo.

I,Kyra and Paulo.