Royce and Royler Gracie teach a seminar at Gracie Humaita Newmarket Competition Team in Canada.

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Royler Gracie.:Passagem de Faixa Vermelha e Preta,Rickson e Rolker Gracie.

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Breakfast with Campers at last day. Keep training hard and enjoy live.Thank you everyone for coming. .

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The breakfast picture one.


One more picture at breakfast.


Group picture in front of the hotel.


Rodrigo and I.


Sixth and Seventh days with amazing training,thank you very much for all…

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The semi-private before the Group training.


More positions.


After the semi-private Group picture with Certificate.


Warm up before the last class.


More training...

After training I received the Black and Red Belt in front off my Friends and Students.


Rolker,Rickson and I. After gave me the Black and Red Belt.


Group picture on the last day.

Just relaxing at the Barra Beach.


Wait for the car to go eat.


The Group at the Restaurant.

Happy Birthday Ann.




Fourth and Fifth days on the Camping 2012.Gracie Humaita/Main Academy.

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Review same positions on the four day.


Morning group picture on fourth day.


Jim (with his new purple belt) and I.


Night training at fourth day.


Night group picture at fourth.


Boat trip...


My daughter Rarine Gracie.


After swam,relaxed on the boat.


After the boat,training and training...

More training...



Second and Third day at Camping training 2012. In the morning semi-private and evening position and training.

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Second day morning training.


Morning group picture.


Before star the evening class.


Group training.


Group picture.


The black belts.


Third day.:Ann,Steve,Roy and I.


Jim,Steve,Brian and I.

Alexandre,Felipe and I.

More black belts.


Bruno,Rolker,Marcos and I.




First day at Royler Gracie Jiu Jitsu Camping 2012. Parque Nacional da Tijuca,Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.

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Picture before starting the hike.


The hike at Pedra Bonita.

Group at Pedra Bonita.


After hike, group picture.